4 July 2019

Working area

Van den Brink is based in Putten at the center of the Netherlands. From there we travel throughout Europe to deliver and collect our loads. We load and unload at truck traders, agricultural mechanization companies and dealers.

In addition, we also often load at truck and agricultural machinery factories. We often take export cars to the well-known seaports; Rotterdam, Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Hamburg. There they are embarked to start a new life in another continent. We drive a lot of agricultural machinery, trucks, buses and campers from Germany.

Large truck factories can also be found in the Netherlands, Belgium and France, where we regularly load. Many of our customers are located in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Southern Sweden. We do not shy away from a challenge.

Do you have a transport wish that must be dealt with punctually? We would like to hear it!


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