3 July 2019


Customs formalities

Heavy goods vehicle transportation is essentially different from the transport of, for example, pallets or bulk transport. Not only the dimensions and method of transport, and even though import and export cars remain within the EU, customs formalities usually have to be arranged.      read more..

Accident truck transport

Most of our trucks are equipped with a winch so that non-moving vehicles can also be loaded. This includes agricultural machinery, but also non-moving trucks, these include restoration projects or damaged cars. In addition, it is often important that it is transported dry.     read more…

Transport of agriculture and construction vehicles

In addition to the transport of trucks, we drive a lot of agricultural machines and construction machines for both going and returning freight. Tractors, shovels, graders, but also aerial platforms, spin cranes and telehandlers. Silage wagons, liquid manure tanks, but also wide sowing manure and seeders    read more…

Vehicle transport

The routes which Van den Brink International Transport specializes vary from journeys to the various seaports in Europe to transports to and from Scandinavia. A mix of both new and used trucks is transported. To do this we use the high standards prescribed by truck manufacturers, but we are also familiar with the challenges that an average used or damage truck can entail.     read more…

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