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The transport of transport equipment is specialized work. In addition to proper and efficient loading and securing of the vehicles, the height and length must always be kept in mind. Because we drive many new machines and trucks, it is also important that these "new" arrives at the delivery address. Even though the unloading addresses are sometimes on impassable roads, the customer expects an undamaged delivery. As neat as our drivers are on their own lorries, that is how they handle the freight they transport. Our years of experience allow us to plan tightly. CO2 reduction by limiting the number of empty kilometers. Efficiency and cost-conscious working are highly regarded at van den Brink. By relying on our broad network, we try to load back cargo in the neighborhood to minimize emptying. With our modern trucks with a ditto superstructure, we can move and lift in such a way that most loads fit on it. Our cargo mainly consists of used and new trucks, but also aerial platforms, agriculture and construction equipment and internal transport equipment. In addition, many buses and campers. High-quality cargo that requires just a little more attention. Our team of experienced drivers knows the way in Europe have all the necessary papers for cargo securing and are experienced in handling expensive means of transport. We drive throughout Europe, with a focus on South Scandinavia.

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