2 July 2019

Customs formalities

Heavy goods vehicle transportation is essentially different from the transport of, for example, pallets or bulk transport. Not only the dimensions and method of transport, but even though import and export cars remain within the EU, customs formalities usually have to be arranged.
Because this is one of our specialties, we can arrange this for you.

Sometimes exported trucks or machines are taken to the ferry, embarked there and then transported on to the customer in the seaport. This saves loading meters and man-hours on the boat. Van den Brink can arrange this so-called roll-on roll-off transport from A to Z. From the transport to the boat, the booking of the boat just as the transport to the end customer, we take all the work off your hands. If you have bought or sold a truck or machine abroad and you want all the hassle around its
 to be arranged, then you are at the right place at Van den Brink.

Helping customers and finding the right transport solution, that is our strength.

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